How do I buy in the Egasen online store?

Buying in our online store is very simple. These are the basic steps: Find the product you are looking for by putting the name of the product you need in the search engine. You can also browse our catalog pages using the classification by categories. As soon as you find the product you want, you can click on the view your product sheet, choose the quantity you need and add it to the shopping cart. These steps can be repeated with all the products we need. The next step is to go to “Cart” at the top right of the web and check our order. It is convenient to review products and quantities. Once the check is done we click on “Confirm order”. Once we confirm the order, the website will take us to the order management gateway where we must complete a few simple steps. The first will be to add the address to which we want to send us the order. Once we have completed the address information we click on “Continue”. The next step is to choose the type of shipment. We have two shipping methods: collection in our store or shipping by express transport. Please choose the form you prefer based on delivery time and price and click "Continue." The last step will be to choose payment method. In this phase you must select among the different forms of payment, all safe, which we have. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive the products at your address shortly.

I search the online store but I can't find a product. What can I do?

If you cannot find a product on our website, you can try these actions: Check that there is no spelling error in the product name or word you are using in the search. Try using keywords or search terms more generate them. For example: motor or reducer. If you still can't find it, don't hesitate to contact us directly by e-mail egasen@egasen.com or by phone: 986 872 010. We will be happy to assist you.

What are the payment methods available in the online store?

On the Egasen.com website we always use secure and guaranteed payment methods by electronic payment platforms such as PayPal or the widely contrasted bank gateways. Our payment methods are as follows: 1. BANK TRANSFER If you opt for this form of payment, you must send proof of your bank transfer by e-mail to: egasen@egasen.com or by fax al 986.872.010 in order for your purchase to be sent. 2.CREDIT CARD PAYMENT We offer payment by card (Cards). The process is entirely independent of EGASEN and takes place in a fully safe environment managed by our own bank (Bank). Your credit card details are encrypted, using the SSL security protocol, and sent directly to the corresponding bank, which undertakes the process and accepts or refuses the payment. Therefore, the card details are only known to the customer, his/her bank and (EGASEN’s bank). EGASEN does not have access to this data and only receives confirmation of payment from the latter. 3.CASH ON DELIVERY This form of payment involves a surcharge of 4%, with a maximum of 50 euros, and is entirely independent of EGASEN. 4.PAYPAL ™ PAYMENT This form of payment involves a surcharge of 5% and is entirely independent of EGASEN.

I have already placed an order, but I would like to modify it, how can I do it??

Once an order has been placed, if it has not yet left our warehouse, you can make some modifications: You can change the shipping and / or billing address. To do this you will have to identify yourself (by clicking on the top right) and enter the contact details of your account. There you can change the shipping or billing address. Additionally it is advisable that you send us an email indicating the change to egasen@egasen.com or fill out the contact form on the website. If you want to add products to your order, the easiest way is to place a new order with the additional products and then write in the “Comments” section in the “Shipping” section that you want this second order to be added to the previous one. Remove some product from the order. To remove any product from your order, please contact us using the web form or email egasen@egasen.com indicating order and contact information, and as soon as possible we will contact you to modify the request. However, at any time you can check the status of your order by clicking on the “MY ACCOUNT” menú.

What is the status of my order?

You can easily access the status of your orders by entering your account by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT" on the top right. Within your account it is very simple to see all the information regarding your order, but if you wish you can also contact us through the web form, email egasen@egasen.com or by phone: 986 872 010. We will be happy to assist you.